Temp Covid position

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I have about a year experience as an RN in a FQHC. I only work part-time, so I registered my name with the state’s Covid response list. I got notified of a need for a “LPN or med administration RN” at a long-term care facility near my house (my town has unfortunately had many cases of Covid in several local nursing homes). The hours fit with my current schedule. Obviously I will talk to the nurse manager about the responsibilities before I sign up for anything, but I also wanted to ask you experts what it likely entails. It is about 3 hours a day, 8-11am, so I assume this is morning med pass? Other than learning to use their EMR, and obviously the Rights of oral med administration, do you anticipate I would need any nursing skills that I probably lack? Just curious about your thoughts.

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In my experience, the only other knowledge would be typical geriatric conditions & medications.