Where is the Patient??

  1. I find it so annoying when the Husband/Wife/Significant Other/Parent call re the Patient after they have just left the house or just go into the Tub.

    Can I speak with the Pt?
    Oh he just went out to the store or he just left for his Baseball game or He is in the Tub right now.
    It's like they wait till the Pt. leaves or is not available before they call us!

    Caller is at work and has not seen the patient in 8 hrs and is calling you after speaking to his wife who is at home. He has next to no knowledge of symptoms so now I have to listen to him for a minute, get wife's phone number and call her back so I can get it straight from the horses mouth. Just more time consuming. I mean like the Pt. speaks perfect English just call us direct!
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