1. Our facility has nurse helpline servcies for several insurance companies in
    other states and provides after hours triage for hundreds of doctors.
    My concern is that when all nurses are on the phone, and calls come in on
    overflow lines are answered by non clinical staff. These staff take
    demographic information and if a patient sounds like he/she is in trouble,the
    call is taken directly to a nurse who is interupted to take the emergency. If
    the patient does not disclose his/her problem, our non clinical staff is not
    allowed to get a chief complete or ask if there is chest pain, shortness of breath, or if the patient is conscious for "liability reasons." The nursing concern is that if the calls are backed up, a patient is not called back right away, he or she may be in trouble with chest pain or other life threatening symptoms.
    Do you have any suggestions regarding this?
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