Soooo excited...but need some help...

  1. Hey all,
    It's me..I'm back again...and this time I have good news. A full time telephone triage job has opened up in the clinic (I work in the hospital..they are connected)....and I am in process of setting up an interview. I talked to the gal today and she sounded very excited that I was interested because I was the first one from 'in house' to apply. Ok...I've been wanting to get into telephone triage for a long time and this is my big chance. I've worked med/surg six years and want out.

    Ok..I need some help with the interview.... what should I say that would make me sound "triage nursey"..LOL? I'm so nervous...I haven't been on an interview in years...yikes. Anyone have any advice for me????
    Ok...thanks a lot..I'll keep you posted on how everything goes...k?
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