Ok guys...back again...with more ?'s

  1. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for all the info and advice you gave me on the below post. A few more questions for ya....1. How's the pay? and 2. Is telephone triaging less stressful than floor work? Thanks in advance......
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  3. by   eltrip
    Pay varies, depending on location & facility. And yes, I find it less stressful than bedside nursing...most days, at least.
  4. by   Going80INA55
    I find the pay is comparable to bedside nursing. Also agree with above it does depend on where you work.

    I work in the insurance area, so our prime time operating hours are between 9a-9p. So the majority of the nurses work then. We have shift diffs after 5p. Benefits are also comparable.

    Stress? whats that?
  5. by   luvTTnursing
    Pay does vary from typical outpatient pay for small clinics on up to large HMO/Managed Care which often will have connections with a union partnership that allows for much more competitive wages toward inpatient and critical care nursing in your general area of the country.

    I find it less stressful; I enjoy focusing on one patient or caller, and really utilizing my education and my 'noggin in providing professional assessments, triage and prioritizing and education.
    Sometimes the education gets very, very basic, and requires a sense of humor, but it is all worth it for me.