Noisey enviornments

  1. There is nothing more annoying then background noise during your call. If I am talking to someone some locations there is a freight train in the background nothing they can do about that. Static on the line -not much to do at time of call but call but to hang up and call back. But how about the pt. you are talking to who wont stop eating and crunching on his Doritos or Salsa chips while talking to you or keeps washing dishes right below the phone. Or having a ball game blasting in the background and you have to ask them to turn it down then hear the boyfriend in the back ground complaining the the TV was turned down.

    Or how about the Crying Baby who is not crying at time of call but to convice you the baby is crying mom lifts him up to phone and probably squeezes him like an accordion and almost deafins you when he starts screaming into the phone
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