New Jobs?

  1. ANyone know how often the companies like McKesson, Optum, Intellihealth and such open up applications for positions? Seems like I have been watching their web sites for months and nothing has come open...

    Any advise??
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  3. by   SOCALRACERX911_RN
    kaiser permanente southern california is always looking for telephone triage nurses. The call center is in San Diego,CA with chance to work from home after a year (as long as you meet call center standards X 3 consecutive months). The position title is called a TMS (Telemedicine Specialist).
  4. by   kssk
    Thank you for this information. I am glad to see that Kaiser is willing to work with nurses this way. The only trouble is that I am in central virginia and the nearest Kaiser here is about 2 hours away... Maybe they will move on down here in the future. If you hear of anything else, please let me know. Thanks!