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    I'm Trying To Get The Nurse/advice Line Up To Par At A Hospital/clinic Where I Work. Does Anyone Have Access To A Good, Fast, But Thorough Pediatric Assessment Form. I've Been Trying To Put One Together, But I Don't Have Enough Room For All The Info On One Piece Of Paper. I Am Trying To Cover Some Of The Top Chief Complaints In Detail ( V/d With S/s Dehydration), (ur, Which Includes Ears, Nose And Throat) And Of Course (constipation). Can Someone Out There Send Me What They Are Using? I Do Adult And Ob/gyn Advice Also, But 80-90% Is Pedi. Sure Could Use The Help!
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  3. by   movealong
    look for The Barton Schmitt Pediatric Triage Advice System. It's pretty well thought of.
    And let's see there's Telephone Triage Protocols for Nurses by Julie Briggs that has some ped guidelines for things like abd pain, fever, diarrhea, N&V, sleep apnea, spitting up, etc for children. You might be able to pattern it after the telephone triage for nurses book.........
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