1. Anyone ever worked for Evicore? Not really a triage job, but just curious if anyone has any info on the company? Thank you.
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  3. by   ivyleaf
    haven't heard of them. not that that helps, but no one else responded!
  4. by   Danni10
    I have not worked for them but I know someone who did. She worked for them for abou 1 1/2yrs. She said the best part of the job was that you work from Home and didn't have to commute. Worst part was that you have to take back to back calls over a 8 hour period, as soon as you hang up, there's another call coming in, all calls are monitored, you can't even go to the bathroom without being monitored, every moment of your day has to be accounted for. It's kind of an assembly line mentality, if you don't keep up with quotas you'll have a problem. Just second hand info. Hope it helps
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  5. by   thetank
    No, what's it like?