does anybody work from home full time

  1. does anybody work from home full time with this kind of nursing ? if so have you ever done it from another country ?
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  3. by   GRounded1
    I did. I didn't like it I felt isolated
  4. by   KittyLuv
    I wouldnt think that would work. How do you deal with the nursing license issue? As a telehealth nurse, we cant even speak with people that are in non-compact states (at my company anyway) because we are not licensed in those states. I cant imagine doing it from another country.

    Are you looking at getting licensed in that country? If so, how?
  5. by   aessary7
    I work from home and the company I work for does hire nurses from compact states and we are able to take urgent calls from ANY state, once 911/ED dispo is ruled out, if they are from CA or IN then we explain that a nurse will f/u with them within "x" amt of time and send them back to the "Q". Those are the two specific states that require you to have their endorsement to fully complete a triage call on.