Dealing with L I A R S

  1. As a Triage Nurse it is essential that we get accurate responses to our queries to we come up with the correct Aquity and proper disposition. OUr decisions based up on info providfed to us has both legal and medical implications

    What is the patients temperature?
    He doesn't have a fever
    What is the Patients temperature (broken record technique)
    Around 101
    Did you take his temperature?

    I am doing a Triage on a 3 month old with fever and mom is providing the info
    Is the patient in front of you now?
    Is he awake/alert and breathing normally? Yes
    Can I listen to him breath?
    He isn't with me now
    You told me he was with you.
    He was an hour ago

    I prefer to speak directly to kids if they are old enough to understand because mothers answer for kids without asking them what we tell them to ask.
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  3. by   G'smommy
    People drive me nuts too. "Do they have any chronic medical problems such as asthma or diabetes?" "No." 5 minutes later after I've given all my advice "Will that go well with his Lamictal, synthroid, and albuterol"