Charges for Triage Calls

  1. I'm needing some information on what other Call Centers charge the MD/medical clinic for taking their calls. Do you charge per call, a monthly fee, or some other method?
    Currently our Call Center charges $4.50/call and a yearly administrative fee. Actually operational costs are closer to $15-20/call. We only take calls for contracted MD's, not general public. Most of the rest of our revenue comes from the hospital.
    It is budget time again and my boss was wanting some numbers to compare.
    thanks for your assistance.
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  3. by   Francois
    Fewer and fewer hospitals are getting away with subsidizing call centers for physicians because it's illegal under enurement laws. The market rate for triage calls is between $15 - $25.

    Are you at an academic, children's, or community hospital? That often plays a role in determining fee structure.

    Hope this helps!

  4. by   movealong
    I truly don't know how much is charged. Generally speaking, I think most call centers charge per call. And health information calls are treated the same as triage calls, though I'm not sure whether the cost is lower for them or not.

    I'm not in management. But usually the contract spells it out. There are also usually defined parameters to meet for each client, such as ASA times, call abandonment rates etc.

    And I don't even know what enurement laws are? Francois, are you a Canadian nurse?