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Telemetry Monitors


I am a CCU nurse at New York Presbyterian Cornell campus and we have been having a lot of problems with our telemetry monitors with picking up the wrong rhythms constantly (our system is extremely outdated), so I am wondering what kind of monitors other units are using and if you are satisfied. We currently have a extremely outdated Philips.



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Im not sure what system we use but it picks up false rhythms. Unfortunately you will never have a completely perfect system and quite honestly I wouldnt want to take out the human element. Sure it gets annoying when its constantly going off for artifact or false rhythms but you can set your parameters, change out leads (which really makes an impact) etc.


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Is it falsely ringing off asystole or VT? That's annoying... If you mean it's ringing off a fib when it's sinus with PACs, tough...that's why you're there, to infer their rhythm from the telemetry strips. We have pretty fancy equipment, new Philips monitors, but still have to interpret our patient's tele...


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