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Hello! I'm new to this site and created an account because I have some questions about the exam that I really want answered. I'm taking the exam in two days and have purchased the online ATI study guide and manual that comes with the two practice exams. I have taken each and scored an average of 75% for A and 80% for B. I'm currently taking anatomy and physiology II now which makes me feel somewhat confident for the exam but my lowest scores fall in the math and science sections. My questions are: are the math questions basic algebra and percents like in the study guides? Also for science I did a couple practice exams I found on the internet (not through ATI) and they were very in depth compared to the ATI practice questions. Is the science portion very detailed questions or more like an overview of the systems and their relation to the body.

If anyone has any info please take the time and answer me. Thank you!!


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I took TEAS few days ago and can tell you A&P section is in depth. science was my lowest and weakest section even tho I have taken both courses in the past but its been a long time. Im studying now to re take the test in one year. good luck :)