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TEAS Version V Exam and The Accuplacer Test

Hello, Everyone

I would like to know if there is anyone in the state of Connecticut signed- up to take the TEAS Version V exam along with the Accuplacer test for the LPN program at either Porter & Chester Institute, Stone Academy and Lincoln Technical Institute. I went to all three schools last week and I am not sure what school I should choose to take the test. Should I take the test for all three schools? And depending on the outcome decide then what school I should pick to go to. I have already purchased the the study guide along with the online practase tests. I am scheduled to take both tests two weeks from now. I am just looking for someone to study with.or somone who can guide me on how I should study for the exams. Because the study guide has so much information in it. Could someone please help me?


Hello there, did you take the test yet? I'm planning to go to porter this year.


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