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Teas V

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Thinking about going to Sheridan Tech the next step is to take the Teas V. I'm afraid to take it though has anyone taken the test? I want to know how hard the test is and how should I study for it.

NurseCheung, BSN, RN

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The TEAS test was changed in August 2016 to the ATI TEAS. It's important if you look for study guides that are based on the current test and not the older versions. Something published in 2017 or better yet 2018. In regards to difficulty, I would take an ATI TEAS test pre-test or evaluation to discover what areas you need to study more. It is not difficult if you prepare for the test ahead of time and not cram the information. I failed the test the first time because I didn't use a study guide or attempted to prep. :(

Thank you so much I appreciate the advice