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I'm going to take the TEAS V test in order to apply to a bsn program but I'm a little confused about the science portion of the test. Can someone please tell me in detail what the science section of this test covers?


I'm taking it this friday for a bsn program also. I am confused about the science portion too. I feel like I don't remember much from my prereq courses and not sure how to start preparing for it in such little time. I just finished reviewing all the other sections and feel pretty good about them (except for a few). Now I'm trying to sort out what to study for the science portion that would be beneficial to me this friday.

I had a pretty equal amount of Cell structure/function, chemistry, and physiology. I had one earth science question (about the sun), and one physics question. If I had to narrow down what to know inside out from the ATI study guide it would be the cell structure and functioning, Physiology (Blood flow of the heart, where oxygen is exchanged, what does the lymph system do, how do muscles contract, digestive system, which part of the brain is for balance, etc) and Chemistry. HTH and good luck!