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I am studying the TEAS V for nursing school. I have been out of school for many years. I feel overwhelmed at times. The math seems impossible at times. It is true...if you don't use it...you lose it! Anyone have any ideas? I need help! Also, does anyone know if you can take the TEAS V test online and I get the results...can these scores be submitted to the school? Just curious...:confused: I would like to chat with someone who has been out of school for a long time and now decided to go back. I know you all are out there! Thank you.



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I have been out of school for 10 years this year, and I had to relearn alot for the Teas V also. The math really isn't that bad. Know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. Know ratios basic measurements and you will do fine. As far as I know you can't take the test online.



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I graduated high school in 84 and college 97. It's been a long time. I was accepted into

nursing school right after high school. I did not get to go due to a car accident that

left me a mess, to say the least! After a couple years of recovery....life goes on and

then I had my kids..blah blah..never got the chance to go back. I now have that chance

and I want to put my all into it! My life is good, my boys are grown and I have time to

dedicate to myself. I can do the math..I think I am worrying so much and get things

all screwed up. I don't know...have you taken the test before? Here is a website

that gives us more info about the test, etc. I think they offer the online version

instead of the classroom.


Thank you



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These are only practice tests and not much like the real thing, IMO. You have to take the real test in person in a proctored environment.

Get the TEAS practice book. Read it and take all the tests. See how you do. If you do well on those, then you'll be fine. The math isn't hard, just time consuming because you can't use a calculator. There are lots of threads (including a sticky thread) about this test on this site. When I took the test last Spring, it turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. I was really nervous, but I just made myself calm down and focus. I was able to finish in time and did just fine. You just have to watch the time, read carefully and most importantly, try to relax.

Good luck!

P.S. I graduated before you did so don't let that get in your way.



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I have been out of school since 1995. I finished most of my pre-reqs this Summer and took the TEAS. The math is not as bad as you think. Just practice you fractions, percents, and conversions. I also recommend the ATI/Pearson Vue version of the study guide. The main thing is to remain calm and get through it! Good luck

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When I took the TEAS (three times) I took it twice on a computer and received my scores right then. However, when I took the paper test it took about a week to get my scores. Talk about stalking the mail box and constantly checking ATI's website!

Don't stress over it. I believe the TEAS is well....either you know it or you don't. The ATI book will help, but it's lacking in the science department.

Good luck! Remember, DON'T STRESS!