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TEAS study partner

goljan goljan (New) New

I got my study guide today and wanna start studying for TEAS V soon. If anyone else wanna join, plz reply me, we can discuss on phone or skype

Evenif u are not interested in studying together, we can talk for few mins about daily progress to keep it going in a constant pace.

Thank u :)

Good luck to all of you

Silverdragon102, BSN

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Hello, I would be interested.

I would like to...I feel so lost on the math portion without not using a calculator? Do they even teach math without a calculator anymore?

Hello. I am willing to help.

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I'm interested. Have you thought about days and times that you would want to study? I have early classes so afternoon works for me.

krrbrr, ADN

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I'm interested as well! :)