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Teas practice test vs. Teas Exam

Riah0218 Riah0218 (New) New

I am really going crazy please someone help me! I am taking my TEAS on wednesday, and I am a ball of nerves. I took both practice online and only getting 50's on those exams I need a 68% for USF. I have study the ATI's book from cover to cover! Can someone answer me these....

1. Is it me or are the practice very difficult?

2. Is the TEAS Test a little bit easier than the practice online and from the back of the book? If so can you tell me the percent differences?

Thank you in advanced!


I have a thread that might be of interest to you somewhere in this forum.

Don't worry to much, the online practice test were much more difficult that the actual test. I scored in the mid to high 60's and blew the actual test away. For what its worth I was 97th percentile, I'd read my post as I do honestly believe it has some good info.


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