Where else can I take the TEAS

  1. So I went up to my schools nursing division yesterday to pay and register for the TEAS V and was told that all test dates are filled! So the lady also said they are working to see if its possible to add people to the dates and for me to call back this afternoon to find out.

    So I was wondering if my school dates are all filled up, is there anyplace else I can go and take the test as well? I am in the Kansas City, Metro area
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  3. by   squirrel12
    [FONT=tahoma]I would check all the schools with nursing programs in your area. Or if there are no other places you can try taking it through ATI. Check for testing centers near you online at PSI Online - One stop Solution for Test Takers It does cost like $110, and no instant results, you have to wait 48 hours. Good luck!
  4. by   Nursing0929
    So you can take the test at another school even if you are not applying for that particular school? I didn't know that, thanks! I will check into this now
  5. by   wcccd_rn_student
    it depends on your school. my school required for your teas to be taken at our school.