URGENT please!

  1. Hello nursing community. I am hoping to get advice on my situation. I will be taking micro biology this fall (my last prerequisite) and need to take teas before January. Part of me wants to take teas in September so I have plenty of time to study without having to worry about also studying for microbiology. So my question is, would it be wise to take it this summer or sometime in November so I'll have more exposure to micro but downside is having to study for both at once....

    What would you do?
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  3. by   rgo2018
    My advise is not to worry about Micro in regards to TEAS. I took micro 10 years ago, did not review it before the test, and did just fine . Study for teas this summer, and take it before you begin Micro in the fall.
  4. by   Destined4Nursing 2019
    I agree with the post above. I took the teas two weeks ago and let me tell you. It's mainly all anatomy and physiology. If you took these classes and did well you will be fine.