1. What is considered a Proficient score?


    TEAS Exams Scores: What percentage is passing for Proficient score
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  3. by   sjtrk
    I could be wrong but based on what I've seen posted I think it's 70-79. Or 70-80.
  4. by   Dalexar
    It might be different for different schools/states but here in Illinois it is a 60
  5. by   JamieB86517
    It's 58.7
  6. by   Spangle Brown
    depends on the school your applying at. Mine is raising ours from 64.5 to 75. Reading through the threads, I've seen people need as high as 85. So you need to ask your school. And it might depend on what your wanting to take. CNA, LPN, RN, etc. I know the different departments had different requirements here.
  7. by   SeattleJess
    I have no idea! All I know is that at the school where I applied that admitted based on the TEAS (then GPA in case of a tie), "proficient" was irrelevant because just passing was nowhere near enough to make it; students needed to score high. But of course, each school is different. That's the game, isn't it? Find the reputable and not-too-expensive schools were you have a good chance to get in and apply to a few of these.