1. I failed the teas again anyone have any recommendations to studying
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  3. by   BBboy
    How did you study for The test the first time and what did you do differently the second?
  4. by   Lovendlive7760
    The second time I made flash cards for science and just read through the book and the first time I didn't study as much
  5. by   BBboy
    Well it's not enough to just make flash cards. You need to make sure you actually know each and everything uou review in the book.
  6. by   firefly22
    Order a TEAS study book with good reviews on Amazon. Read through the entire book. Mark things that you don't know. Study a couple of hours every day. When you have studied everything, take the practice tests in the back of the book. Do this until you do well on all practice tests. This is the only way. Good luck!
  7. by   sumrakhan86
    I just took the Teas online practice test A and got in the 70s, while I was getting high 80's on the study manual exams and the Barron's teas practice test. Should I be worried if my test is in 3 days and I need at least an 80% for my school?