Need help on what I can use to study !

  1. Hello ! I have to take my TEAS EXAM on Sept 8th and I have no Test Prep Materials at all ! I recently found out about this nursing program and I registered on Thursday so I didn't try to wait until the last minute! I have to score and make the top 33 on the test in order to get accepted into the program ! I cannot afford the original ATI test prep , I just paid a $75 registration fee and I have to Pay $25 to take the exam ! Does anyone know what I can use to study ? What exactly I should study or where I can find something that doesn't cost so much ? Thanks !
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  3. by   paisling
    Hi Deja,

    There are some study guides available on Amazon as ebooks, I like ATI Secrets. It comes with practice tests and I think is about $25. You will need to have a good grasp of the parts of speech, as well as being able to read a passage and understand the meaning & what type of writing it is (eg persuasive). You will also need to know basic math like fractions, proportions, finding area, etc. The science section is mostly anatomy questions and asks about functions of organs, etc.