little mistake question on physics?

  1. I was studying abit in the physics and general chemistry section of a teas study guide and in a small physics section area it said, MORE OFTEN SUFACE AREAS ARE DEFINED AS SQUARE CENTIMETERS. ONE CENTIMETER IS EQUAL TO 100 CENTIMETERS.

    I WAS JUST ABUT CONFUSED I probably would have accepted 1 meter = 100 cm, but maybe I'm missing something. Maybe its just for the surface areas.

    Any whiz wanna school me or is this really abit of a mistake?
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  3. by   misspy
    NVR mind! I think i got it!
  4. by   idkmybffjill
    From what I understand, they took Earth science and physics questions off the test in the newest version, VI. At least, I didn't have a single physics question, and my study guide didn't go over physics concepts.
  5. by   Spiritled100

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