Is it a 68% on TEAS to bad?

  1. Hello everyone, this is my firt time here, and I wanted to have some advice from you guys. I took all my science classes and I took the TEAS test. I got 68% and my GPA on science classes is 3.7.Do you guys think I still have options to apply for nursing with this low TEAS score. I am very frustrated
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  3. by   RNReadyManc
    A 68% is not bad. What score does your school require? Some schools have eliminated specific scores but require you to take it. The first time I took it I got a 72% but my school wanted a minimum of 77% with a 90% reading. So I studied and retook it. Met both goals. Don't worry just find out what's required.
  4. by   mharrison3931
    My program didnt have a specific grade in order to be accepted. Your awesome GPA and others like it was the reason for getting rid of the minimum requirement. Our program added that score to the sciences and GPA for a total score which was then ranked and they picked the top however many... That being said each program is different. As far as the score itself goes dont get too stressed about a 68. The test administrator at my school said the area average was a one does that well i made a 78 but i only know one person who did better.