I take my TEAS Aug. 6th...

  1. I'm really anxious, since that's only like 11 days away. I'm nervous because I haven't gotten in as much studying as I had hoped, since I have 3 small kids. The reading part I know back to front and the English, however, the math I'm a little concerned about and the Science I'm A LOT concerned about. The science is my worst area, and I believe it's the second to last test you take (after getting up at the crack of dawn and taking three two other tests first... great!). What did you guys do to study the last few days before your test??
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  3. by   HammockBound
    The science is very general. I would get the ATI book and study that. It has great clues on topics you might not remember. I think you can get a lot of info from that study guide. I have my test tomorrow...so I will let you know which helped me better.