How in depth is the TEASV exam?

  1. I'm currently studying for the teasV test and I'm using the ATI study manual. I'm in the Life Science section and I can't believe the stuff that's in this book. My question is how in depth is this test? Should I memorize all the science terms in the book? How much detail will I need to remember to pass this test? I've always been weaker in math and strong in any reading related subject including science but to my surprise I've found the math section of this study manual easier then the science section which really frusterates me. Any suggested websites that help kind of dumb down some of these topics would be greatly appreciated. I've also tried looking for a website that will actually say the words because I find that I have a harder time remembering information if I can't even say the words lol. Does anyone know of any such site for medical terms?
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