How do I prep for the vocabulary on the TEAS exam?

  1. Let me just say - I'm an English major who is about to graduate with honors, and I haven't seen most of these words. If I used "cauterize," "unctuous," "funicular," or "vitriolic" in any of my papers, my professor would accuse me of being wordy. So how do I prep? Currently, I'm only using the REA Nursing School Entrance Exam Flashcards book. Should the ATI guide be more helpful?
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  3. by   tikyut
    I would like to know the answer to that too. Interesting vocabulary...
  4. by   amc074
    I don't really think you need to memorize any vocabulary. The only vocab questions on the test are there to test your ability to infer the meaning based off of how the word is used in the sentence. My practice tests and actual teas exam only had a few of these questions and they were all pretty easy. The only thing I really studied having to do with words was the list of most commonly misspelled words and the spelling rules that I found in the back of the ati guide because some of those words were tricky for me even though I've always considered myself a good speller.