ATI teas practice exams A & B

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    I am wanting to know about the practice exams from the ATI website. Specifically, when I purchase them, are they a download, or are they just on the computer and once you take the test and submit answers, you can't see it anymore. I would like to be able to study from the tests, check my wrong answers, test at my own pace, etc. Can anybody answer me please? Thank you!
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  3. by   green.tea
    You can't see your answers after submitting the test, but they give you the right answer for each question as you go along; it includes an explanation for why the choices are right/wrong. You could "screen shot" each question as you go if you wanted to be able to refer back to the explanations. There is a report at the end that tells you which content areas you need to study; they refer to the specific sections in the ATI TEAS Study Manual.