2nd time taking the TEAS

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to the site! I had a question, I took my 1st TEAS with no practice & no study my advisor stated it will show what I need more helped on. Ok, so I took it and I got a passing score to attended the school for my prerequisites but not for nurse cores classes. My school go by two different scores which is a good thing, they can count all 4 material or just Math, Reading & English. Depends which one gives you a better score. Now I been studying for almost 3 weeks and a half, and my test date in OCT 27. I have to say it a lot of material I knew I just needed a refresh. The school provided me with the ATI TEAS STUDY MANUAL, SIXTH EDITION, but if any one knows about anything else please let me know I been so stress, I even have dreams that I passed it lol maybe that god sending me a sign not to bit myself up too much.

    Thanks in advance!

    My 1st score: Reading 46.8%
    Math 50.0% "and I'm bad at math lol"
    Science 12.8% "horrible"
    English 37.5%
    TOTAL IS: 134.3 "I NEED A 192.3 OR HIGHER"

    Then my total score adding all 4 material was 34.0% i need a 58.7% or higher
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