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Teaching vs Bedside

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In December I graduated with my MSN in education and got a job this fall teaching one clinical class part time and was planning on going part time at my current ICU position.  I was really happy with this plan as I was under the impression that it is difficult to get a full time teaching position starting out.

Then last minute a night shift supervisor position opened up on my unit and I am currently interviewing (I made to the last round of interviews).  I liked the idea of it since there is quite a bit of flexibility in the hours.  Then literally an hour after my first interview the university I am going to do part time at contacted me about a last minute full time teaching gig.  

I am so confused as to what to do... I really want to teach full time but not sure I’m ready to leave bedside full time (I would still do PRN).  It’s also super sudden as the school year starts Aug 14(?).

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