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Teaching about Epilepsy


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I am a school nurse for a 6-8 grade. I was just asked to teach all of 6th grade about epilepsy. There is a new child coming into the school that has major epilepsy. How would you teach other school kids about epilepsy? Any ideas would be great.

I myself went to school with epilepsy. It was hard at times, but I got through it.

First thing that children & teachers need to know is Epilepsy is neurological disorder.

It isn't a disease that anyone catches. Just because someone has epilepsy it doesn't

make them stupid or handicapped. Many famous people had/have epilepsy.

List of people with epilepsy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If a person with epilepsy has a seizure, it doesn't always mean they will convulse. There are many different kinds of seizures. Many of which happen unaware to most people.

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CDC - Epilepsy - Training for Students, Teachers and Nurses

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The main thing is try to eliminate the fear that many people have. Explain about somethings

that the child may do when having a seizure. How the other children can help when they see the child having a seizure. When/if to call the child's parents if needed, etc.

I hope this can help you. The media doesn't help at all.