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TCU CRNA program for January 2015

by Frogs25 Frogs25 (New) New

Applied to TCU's Nurse Anesthesia program to start January 2015. Thought it would be interesting to see what people's progress/updates are these next couple months, and any advise someone may have to offer. Let the wait begin....

I've turned in everything as well. I think I'm a competitive enough applicant to get an interview and will let you know when I hear something if you wouldn't mind doing the same. I've started prepping for the interview. They do not ask clinical questions unless they sense that an applicant is lacking clinically or has exagerated their ICU experience.

Good luck to you!

Thank you, Good luck to you as well. I will let you know as well when I find out information. It will be a great experience.


Specializes in ICU. Has 2 years experience.

I've got all my information in as well. I believe the interviews will be held late August - early September, good luck to you all.

Best wishes to you as well. If the website is correct, it says "Interview dates for 2014 are September 2, 4, 9, and 18".

Hey guys I also applied. From everything I hear TCU seems pretty quick about interviewing and selecting applicants so hopefully it won't be a very long process! I'm from Beaumont, where are you guys from?

I applied too! Have any of you heard anything yet? Anxiously and nervously waiting for something!

Same status haha, still waiting. Good luck

I also applied! Can't wait to hear one way or the other, just want to know!

Me too! Ugh, the waiting game is the worst!

Everyone still waiting? No updates?

Last I heard, last week of July and first week of August is when you should hear. Hope that helps to ease the nerves a little.