TCCD (Tarrant County) ADN spring 2014 class (accepted)


Here is a thread where members of our 2014-2016 class can communicate.

For starters, I have learned one thing that may be helpful. Scrubs etc. on Pennsylvania Ave. is the place to go for our teal scrubs. I mean the salesperson told me that's where TCCD will send us. They did say not to dawdle on those -as they take a week or two to get if your size isn't on the rack. They had a lot earlier this week, but that will change. I am learning from RN friends and a close friend in the 2013-2015 class that working together and learning from each other is fundamental to success in this environment. So, please, share! And CONGRATULATIONS! We did it!

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Hi, most of the accepted class is on a facebook group. If you have facebook you can join. We have all been keeping each other updated on the acceptance process. :) Congrats!