tampa South University 2015 Pre-nursing & Nursing students


This post is mainly to get South University grads or current students to provide insight about what they experienced and dish out helpful tips. Basically provide advice you wish someone should have giving you. And what your plans are.

For those who have graduated/ currently in the program:

  • What are some stress relievers? Did you work while in school?
  • What methods did you use to help keep you organized?
  • How would you rate the overall educational experience at SU?
  • What you could have done or know that could have help improve your experience
  • What was your TEAS score and GPA when applying for the BSN program.

This post is not only directed to Florida SU students. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Hope to hear from y'all!:whistling:



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I have just applied to this school and would like to know some information as well. I am finishing up the pre-reqs now and will be applying to the April 2016 cohort. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



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I'm also in the process of completing my pre-req's. Wish you the best of luck!