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Tampa Galen RN Program


Does anyone know if the Tampa Galen LPN to RN program has been nationally accredited yet? I was told they were gonna be in June.

I don't think ASN program is yet. I think that their bachelors program is. From what I heard from a friend the VA will not hire Galen nurses because of that but I could be wronghttp://www.acenursing.us/accreditedprograms/programsearch.asp

NurseSpeedy, ADN, LPN, RN

Has 18 years experience.

They are regionally accredited but not nationally at this time. They have applied and are in the process. From what I've heard maybe early next year. I have also heard that the VA will not hire because of this. However, many other employers will.

This was the same problem I ran into at Jersey College and yes I have heard as well that the VA will not hire anyone from the Jersey College program.I had a couple of students that were currently working at the VA and dropped from Jersey because of the issue. I was also told by my instructor that most of the hospitals would not hire from Jersey but that if I knew someone in the hospital they could pull some strings . I am wrecking my brain trying to figure out the best option.