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Taking Prereqs online! (Univ of Rochester) Anyone done this before?

Taking Microbiology and Anatomy & Physiology I&II (both together in one semester). Anyone done online courses before? If so, are these relatively easy courses for a non-science graduate? Both are fast track courses. I plan to take Microbio asap (I can choose to complete it before Dec 31 since it's a self paced course). Then I plan to take A&P I, II in January. There's no lab; it's all online. Here's one course description: http://www.edvantagehealth.com/detail.cgi?id=NSG_314

Anyone familiar with these courses?

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Just inform yourself first that the nursing school you want to apply to will accept online-only science classes. All the schools I applied to required the science classes (AP I, II, Micro) to have an on-campus lab component. I took APII hybrid (lecture online, lab once a week on campus), the other science classes on campus, and the remaining prerequisites online.