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Taking the NLE 10 years after graduation

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by Ziline Ziline (New) New Nurse

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I finished my BSN in 2010  and I am contemplating taking the Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam in 2020. I never took the boards because my family at that time moved to another country. Is this still possible? If so, how can I best prepare for the exam? I would appreciate your insight into this.

Thank you!

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Silverdragon102 has 31 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

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natsuhomes1 specializes in Graduate BSN.

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Hi, I wanna ask first if you plan to work as a nurse in the Philippines? Do you need a PH license? 

Suggestion, looking for a good review center is helpful since you've been out of school for a long time. 

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MyMia specializes in psychiatric nursing.

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I have been in your situation not too long ago.  Here's a bit of my background:

I was SUPPOSE TO graduate back in 2008 but failed pharma during my third year (2007).  Since I was so sick of nursing by then, I didn't enroll in pharma class for a retake during my last year and knew full well that I was not going to graduate with my batch mates in 2008.  I also knew that my parents weren't going to be happy with me.  Yup, I did not graduate because of that ONE class.

I immediately started a food kiosk business with my friend, joined bazaars until I realized that I needed a steady income.  So I worked in the BPO industry for an airline account for 2 years.

In 2012, I decided to go back and retake the one pharma class I failed and graduated that same year, saved more money to finance my review classes. 

I resigned from my BPO  job on February 2014 to focus on my review classes to prepare myself for November 2014 NLE.  I knew it wasn't realistic for me to take and pass the June 2014 NLE considering how long I've been away from anything that has to do with nursing.  Basically, I spent all of 2014 studying 4 years worth of nursing stuff that I had forgotten.  

From March-May 2014, I enrolled at my university's in-house review.  I could not answer a single question on the practice exams since I had forgotten so much of the medical terminologies.  So I made it my goal to familiarize myself with the terminologies I had forgotten and to familiarize myself with the basic concepts of funda, MS, psych, OB, pedia, CHN, etc all over again. 

I also had to humble myself to the fact that I needed to enroll at a review center again, that one review won't be enough to pass.  I had no job and was relying on my savings for my day-to-day expenses.  I didn't want to go back to answering  phones again, I had to pass this exam in one attempt.  So I enrolled at another review center from Aug-Oct 2014.  By the time I started at this second review center, I knew was ready for the board exam. I was able to answer the practice exams with good scores. During the weekends, I would review at the food court in Gateway mall.  It was quiet before 12pm there and I would leave once the lunchtime crowd came in. No reviewing at Starbucks or any coffee shops for me due to my tight budget.

Come January 2015, the results arrived and I passed the NLE with 82%.  I worked as a contractual nurse at St Luke's maternity ward and currently at the National Center for Mental health(NCMH) in Mandaluyong. I've been at NCMH for 2 years now.  St. Luke's didn't want to renew my contract as a regular employee due to my BMI. Yes they're really strict about it.

So, to summarize my journey:

Failed pharmacology and didn't graduate in 2008 -->started a food cart business and failed--> worked in BPO industry for 2 yrs --> went back to college to finish BSN degree in 2012 while working --> resigned in 2014, spent ONE whole year (2014) studying/reviewing --> took NLE Nov. 2014 --> passed NLE  with 82% rating --> trained/worked St. Luke's ---> psych nurse at NCMH for 2 yrs. now --> currently looking for work overseas and about to take IELTS exam.

So yes, it is possible.  : )

 You just need to focus and be humble enough to admit to yourself that you need to start over in terms of learning the material because you are pretty much back to square one since you have been out of school for so long.   Don't be afraid to ask the lecturers and the other students who are much younger than you are if you don't understand something.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 🙂 

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