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Taking NCLEX in 1 week

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im having a anxiety now.. and so nervous... i finished saunders book cover to cover since Feb before i gave birth, doing question everyday i answered 4000qs in saunder, did NCSBn too finished their Qbank, listened to hurst for content and for this last month i purchased Kaplan On demand.. im so overwhelemed with the rationale of QT 6-7 im having a headahe i think im cramming..dont know if i can still read those but im still trying i dont wanna skip a day without answering 100qs a day till my exam day.. heres my score: any encouragement and suggestion are very welcome :)

Diagnostic test 56%

QT1 65%

QT2 68%

QT3 63%

QT4 61%

QT5 answering today

QT6 63%

QT7 64%

100% Qbank : 61%

Readiness on Saturday

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