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Taking NCLEX Soon.. Any Advice?



My NCLEX is in a couple of days, and I am not sure how I stand or what I should do. I read through Hurst twice. I did all the Lacharity questions and reviewed all the questions and rationales at least once ( and a little more). I did some Saunders questions, mostly SATA, just to get used to it. If there wasn't something I didn't know I would refer to the Saunders book. I did 5 Kaplan Qreview ( scores: 63,58,53, 45, 69%). I also did 3 Hurst Qreview ( 79, 88, 82 out of 125). I am still doing a quick read of the allnurses study guide. My plan is to go over all the rationales for all the tests I have done so far and review the Hurst 5th day material. Does anyone have any last minute tips/ advice? Any advice appreciated.

Sounds like you're totally on the right track :) It's definitely good that you are reviewing your prioritization & delegation. I got basically the same scores on my Q reviews & passed NCLEX last week in 75 questions. If you feel ready, chances are that you're ready. Best of luck!