taking NCLEX-PN in 4 days.. any last min suggestions?


hi all,

i'm taking my nclex-pn in 4 days. today i'm finishing up reviewing PEDS. i plan on spending the next 2 days on meds, labs, and practice questions ONLY (SATA, prioritizing, etc). and then i'm spending the last day before the test TRYING to relax and not stress too much (i don't plan on opening anymore notes/books).

any suggestions for the last few days? i'm super nervous and anxious. :( but at the same time i want to get it over with.

thanks in advance!


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Good luck.



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Just keep your cool and know that you can pass this test.

I know how the anxiety can creep on you but you have to be able to take control of it and own it.

Most of us on this board have been there and you will do fine. Feel confident in yourself and the knowledge that you've been retouching on leading up to the test and know that you have the ability to be a competent nurse.

Goodluck! :D