Taking the HESI A2


Hi all,

I have a question about the HESI A2 admissions test. The test is required for all applicants to one of the schools I'm applying to and must be taken before December 1st. I'm currently taking A&P I (because where I'm from doesn't offer a separate anatomy course) and have not yet taken A&P II, although I did take a human physiology course 2 years ago at Emory University and made a B+ in it. Right now I'm acing A&P I, so I'm not so concerned about that portion of the exam, however, I'm a little worried about components on the HESI that may come from A&P II. I know A&P II is mostly physiology, so since I've already taken it would it be okay to just buy a review book, review portions of physiology that I haven't studied in a couple of years, and take the exam? I'm feeling really pressured to do it because I would like to start nursing school in May '11 and don't want to wait a whole year to apply because of a $90 test. What should I do? Should I go ahead and take the exam or wait until next year (after I've taken A&P II) to apply? Or possibly go out of state and pay more money (although I would hate to do that)?

*I should note that either way I'll be taking A&P II in the spring just in case the schools I'm applying to won't accept A&P I/the human physiology course I took. My main concern is how prepared I will be for the HESI A&P section.

Thanks in advance for your help!!