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Taking away jobs for school closure


Okay, simple question. I know this is not an online program question but I couldn't find any other category.

so, I graduated from ITT and got my RN. I passed boards dec last year.

I called student loans and she said my graduation date was the 25th August when it was really the 9th sept. We didn't even have a graduation, our intructores made one of us....

anyway, she was telling me that a guy who went there lost his job becuase the school is not accredited and closed. He did IT tho not nursing.

So im asking if even tho I have an active lisence if somehow I could loose my job becuase of the school no longer existing? And I'm not sure if my school wa accredited or not at the time. But I think not.

I also, asked to make a claim to forgive loans, but I pretty much finished the program so maybe I shoudnt do that? Would it cause me trouble?