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Taking Anatomy. Should I drop one of my courses?

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by achung101 achung101 (New) New Student

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I'm a freshman (full-time student) at my local community college taking Anatomy, English Honors, Psychology 101, and a history class (Total 15 credits). Currently into a month of the semester, I realized that there was more workload to Anatomy than I thought. Got a 94 on my first lecture exam but basically got a D in my first practical. 

I'm considering dropping English Honors as there is a lot of workload to that class that might deter my focus from Anatomy. Do you think I should drop? Considering I'm a full time student, I know I have much more time but I really need to guarantee an A in my Anatomy class to transfer to a nursing program.

I'm thinking I could attend more out of class Anatomy tutoring programs at my school in the extra time and do better. But I'm not sure; my counselor/mom think I can handle it, but my Anatomy teacher is against taking over 12 units. I honestly am swayed, but I really need to get an A.

PS. It might also be due to my studying habits. If yall can give any tips for studying Anatomy, I would appreciate it.

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marleneriggsbee has 8 years experience and specializes in RMA- 8 years & CNA (needed for ADN program).

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Is it just Anatomy or Anatomy & Physiology?

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