Taking A&PII final today

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As soon as I post this, I'm off to take my A&PII final...I'm nervous 'cuz I don't think I studied enough for it.:confused:

Wish me luck!


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GOOD LUCK SARA!!! :D You'll do fine!


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How did you do??????????????

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Well, I completely blew the test (61), but I passed the class with a 75 ©. So, I'm mostly happy!

I also got an A in Nutrition, so my semster was not horrible! :)

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Oh well.....at least you passed & it's all over! Good job in nutrition.


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Hey, I took mine yesterday too! I blew some of the answers but overall felt good about it. It was on human reproduction (our instructor never actually gives a cumulative final, just a last test) and I had been such a big mouth making jokes to our old man instructor... "Now I will explain to you about what causes male arousal..." "Anything!" (my reply). The lecture sort of went down hill from there... he was way afraid to bring up female arousal... we were letting him have it!

Anyway, I felt like I had to max the test since I had been the class clown during lecture. I did good on the guy stuff... but fell short on the genetics. I hope to get an A... I should.

Hey, Sara, at least we are done! Now I have a biochem final... it is cumulative and I don't think that I have accumulated any real knowledge there... and a math final. Then I am done with my community college... yea!

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How did you get your grade so fast? At my school we don't even get our final exam grade unless we call the prof. Nice job on passing a very tough course!

My A&P II final is on the 20th. I have one more lab exam (not cumulative) and my nutrition final (also not cumulative), and then my A&P final.

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