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Take NCLEX in TN or FL?


Hi! I have one more year before I take the NCLEX. I am currently in a program in Tennessee. However, my husband is trying to get into a program in Florida that would start soon after I graduate. I am just wondering if this all works out if I should take the NCLEX here or in Florida, or if you can even do that?

If I take it here does anyone know what you have to go through to get a transfer?

I appreciate any info on this subject, I know it is a little specific. I am just having trouble finding information about it.

Thanks in advance!


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You will need to apply in whichever state you decide to live. You'd be better off taking in there, wherever "there" is, because it will take longer to take the NCLEX in TN then apply to get licensure in FL. Just make sure you CAN get licensed in FL, as sometimes some states won't accept a license from another state if their curriculum doesn't meet their standards. You should be fine, but do your homework.

Thank you, good advice!!