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  1. I am hoping to be accepted to an accelerated nursing program in either Fall 2016 or January 2017 (the nursing program has three start times per year). I have about six classes of pre-reqs that weren't able to transfer from my prior undergrad work. All but two of them can be taken through Portage learning, according to the adviser at the school who I spoke with. However, I am apprehensive because as good as it sounds (all online! no books! cheaper than the local community college!) I have never taken an online, or even hybrid, course before. They weren't A Thing when I was in school 10 years ago. I am fairly good at keeping myself on track and can keep deadlines and things, but I'm still nervous. If you used Portage, were you pleased with the results? How often did you get to speak with an actual instructor and would they be people you could possibly get an academic reference from?