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  1. SafetyNurse1968

    Case Study: Unexplained Bruises

    If you think you know the correct diagnosis for this Case Study (CSI)... DO NOT POST ANSWER HERE. Instead, post your answer in the ADMIN HELP DESK.; We don't want to spoil it for others who are late in joining us. In a few days, after I post the diagnosis, the Admins will announce the names of those members who correctly identified the problem. We hope to turn this into a friendly competition with more Case Studies to come. You CAN post questions and post comments below. BUT... Do NOT post your diagnosis guess below. History of Present Illness: Ann is a 6 yo girl who is brought to the pediatric clinic. For the last week, her mother says she has been very tired, lacks energy, sleeps more than usual, and has not had much appetite. Upon assessment, you discover bruises on the little girls’ arms and legs that Karen can't explain. She says, "I had no idea those were there!" and looks embarrassed and worried. Past Medical History: Ann was full-term from an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery. All immunizations are current. Ann had measles at age 3 yo. Family History: Ann has one brother, age 8 years, who is in apparent good health. The maternal grandmother died at age 55 from rectal cancer. Social History: Developmental milestones on target. Medications: None Allergies: NKDA General Appearance: Alert, interactive, pale, height and weight normal for 6-yr-old Vital signs: BP 108/68 HR 130/min RR 20/min T 98.7oF HT 41 inches WT 37 lbs What are all the possible reasons for these signs and symptoms? Do you remember normal values for pediatrics vital signs? What information could you ask for that would give you the most information for a diagnosis? What labs do you want? What other diagnostic tests should we run?

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